Marketing Audit for your business from Big Red Dog

A Marketing Audit Can Assess Where You Have Been and Where You Are Going

What is a Marketing Audit?

A marketing audit is a great way to closely evaluate your current marketing plan to better understand its strengths and weaknesses. A systematic marketing audit evaluates:

  1. External Marketing Environment
  2. Internal Marketing Environment
  3. Current Marketing Strategies

The information and data collected during the comprehensive audit is then compared with the actual performance of your business.

Why hire us to evaluate your marketing efforts with an audit?

A marketing audit can identify vulnerabilities and problems with your current marketing plan and make recommendations on how to solve the issues with new marketing opportunities. We use marketing audits to help you:

  • Reassess your current marketing plan
  • Bring clarity to where your money is being spent
  • Provide guidance on where to make corrections and changes
  • Resolve and overcome current limitations
  • Highlight successes and strengths as well as opportunities and threats in the marketplace

Essentially, a marketing audit helps to improve the overall marketing performance of your business through a data-driven approach.

How can Big Red Dog Help?

At Big Red Dog Marketing, we examine all aspects of your marketing plan. We closely analyze, review, and evaluate:

  • Your overall Marketing strategy related to existing efforts and results
  • Website performance and UX
  • Marketing Technology Used or Gaps
  • Marketing Content used and gaps
  • Social Media marketing practices vs results and compared to industry
  • Email marketing efforts vs results and compared to industry
  • SEO or Paid Search Advertising

When the audit is complete, our trusted staff at Big Red Dog Marketing will then guide you down the path to adapt your current marketing plan to better meet the needs of your business.

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