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BRD Music to Create and Inspire

At Big Red Dog Marketing, we incorporate music into our everyday work environment. We know that listening to great music can improve the mood, reduce stress and increase creativity. This article goes into detail about our love of music at Big Red Dog Marketing.

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The Ultimate Guide to PPC Marketing

What is Pay-Per-Click Marketing? Let’s pretend you’re searching for a new pair of basketball shoes. You go online to Google and type in the search term “basketball shoes.” As soon as you click through, there is an ad at the top of the page for “Insert Name Brand Shoe...

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The Importance of Backlinks

 Link Building is the Cornerstone of SEO Link building is a highly effective marketing strategy that helps to increase a business’s value on Google. Unfortunately, many business owners recognize the importance of backlinks but aren’t sure how they help with SEO and...

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The Precious Ring and The EPIC Marketing Plan

How Amazon Used Secrecy as Their Main Strategy It finally happened! Amazon’s series based on the Silmarillion Tales went live on September 2nd, and it was…LEGENDARY. While tears of joy are still streaming down our faces at Big Red Dog Marketing and visions of...

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