3 Reasons Why Integrated Marketing Works

A look at Integrated Marketing Goals

Every business owner on the planet walks into work each day with a “laundry list” of goals. Some goals are immediate and addressed during the current business day while other goals are long term with strategies in place throughout the year. If Integrated Marketing is not one of your business goals found on your yearly “laundry-list,” you need to make sure to add it as soon as possible!

Integrated Marketing as a Goal…

Integrated Marketing is a lucrative way to build a cohesive brand and create a positive company-customer relationship while also checking off a ton of boxes on your “to-do list.” From increasing traffic to your website to building brand awareness, Integrated Marketing can help move your business forward while setting the stage for continued success.

3 Reasons Why Integrated Marketing Works…

If you don’t believe Integrated Marketing should be one of your goals this year, take a look at the 3 Reasons Why Integrated Marketing Works. While reading (or scanning) this blog post, think about each of your business goals (both short term and long term) and mentally log how Integrated Marketing can help you reach them this year.

Reason #1- Integrated Marketing unifies your message across all mediums

Integrated Marketing is an approach where you provide a multi-dimensional branding experience for the consumer where the message is consistent and customer-centered. By using a singular, clearly defined message that is streamlined, Integrated Marketing maximizes your communication impact on all fronts while also improving your overall marketing effectiveness. Integrated Marketing allows you to create a synchronized message through all the right channels, which in turn will leverage your brand and build trust with your customer (with trust comes action and brand awareness).

Reason #2- Integrated Marketing connects multiple audiences

Integrated Marketing is an effective way to connect multiple audiences through different marketing avenues. When Integrated Marketing is done correctly, your audience is provided with the same message across online (blogging, social media, email) and offline avenues (business cards, direct mal, billboards). This approach provides the consumer with your message/brand on a format they prefer most, while also increasing the knowledge of your services and business. Whether it is a millennial customer casually checking social media or a client being handed your business card with a smile, Integrated Marketing allows you to reach multiple audiences with one streamline message.

Reason #3- Integrated Marketing maximizes impact

Let’s be honest, the more times you can get your message across to your consumer, the better! Integrated Marketing allows you to scream your branding message from the “digital rooftops”!! Due to the fact that Integrated Marketing is developed around a streamlined and consistent message, this approach to marketing can significantly raise awareness of your products/services, help generate leads due to the incorporation of different mediums, and often times gets your consumer to take action. By integrating digital and traditional marketing techniques, you can utilize all of your resources and the end result is much more effective.

Are you a believer in Integrated Marketing yet?

So, are you a believer in Integrated Marketing yet? Are you ready to add Integrated Marketing to your “to-do” list for this year? After reading through the three reasons why Integrated Marketing is a quality goal for your business, I am hoping that I have made you a believer in enhancing your marketing plan through an integrated approach.

If you aren’t quite sure where to start your journey with Integrated Marketing, feel free to give us a call. Big Red Dog Marketing would love to be the reason you reach your goals this year and help you check all those items off your “to-do” list.

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