Simple Tips and Tricks

In the age of social media, it is almost impossible for a business to avoid posting on social platforms. This is how they can get their brand and messages across in a quick and succinct manner. Despite social media posts being short and sweet – it isn’t always easy and may not come so naturally to you. That is why we have created a list of tips to help make writing social posts easier. 


For most small businesses, it is important that you keep a casual tone for your readers. You do not want to make your posts too wordy or technical. Remember it’s not a research paper! It’s a conversation starter. Make your readers feel comfortable and write as if you are speaking to a friend or coworker and starting a conversation that will be continued at a later time.

Grab the Reader’s Attention Right Away

People are busy! They are on their phones scrolling through social media and a post has to stand out in order to get the attention of the reader. It is important to grab their attention within the first few lines of your post. Otherwise, they will just scroll on by!

Be Brief

No one wants to read an essay on social media! Social media platforms were designed to be quick and easy. 

  • Use Bullet Points
  • Use Headings 
  • Bold or Italicize keywords
  • Keep paragraphs short 
  • Keep it simple and concise

Know your Target Audience

Your target audience is the group of people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. With that in mind, you should post where your target audience is most likely to be. Is the audience young adults, or kids, or retirees? You should know that certain social media platforms are used by different age groups and different clientele. If you are trying to target a younger audience than you might look to post on TikTok or Instagram. If you are trying to engage with adults in the corporate world, maybe LinkedIn is a good place to post. 

It is also important to remember that social media platforms are constantly changing. New platforms are being created and audiences may change. Keep up with your demographic and what platform they are using. 

Call To Action

At the end of your social media posts, you want to prompt your audience with what is referred to as a  “call to action” (CTA). If you do not have a CTA then your reader will not take action after reading your posts, even though they liked it.

Here are some examples:

  • Direct them to your website
  • Send them to another one of your blog posts
  • Get them to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Get them to like and share your post
  • Ask a question that they can answer in the comments section
  • Ask them to follow you on other social media platforms

Want To Learn More About Social Posts?

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