Tips for Identifying Your Core and Ideal Customer

Get your paper and pencil ready for the Big Red Dog Core Customer Pop Quiz! Ready? Let the exam begin.

  • Can you define your customer or buyer persona in a brief 1-2 sentence statement?
  • Do you know your core customer’s demographic information, goals, challenges, and wants as a buyer?
  • Are your current clients satisfied with your services enough to buy again?
  • Is your customer base increasing your brand exposure and creating opportunities to grow your business?
  • Do you know what your ideal customer is for marketing purposes?

The Results

So, how did you do? Were you able to answer all the questions? The good thing is, at Big Red Dog, we aren’t worried about if you passed the quiz or not…we are worried about if you need help identifying your core customer.

If you had trouble determining the answers to the questions above, then you may not be targeting the correct audience for your product, business, and brand. Some business owners take their current customers for granted by not diving deeper to determine and distinguish the wants/needs of a buyer. By not targeting specific demographics and demands, the ideal customer base may slip through the crack, and no business wants that to happen.

So you failed the Pop Quiz…

Don’t worry, we got you covered at Big Red Dog Marketing. One way to help identify your core customer and “ace” the quiz the next time around is to describe your core audience in a way that will enable your company to really know them. To do that, define and categorize the needs, preferences/wants, demands, and natural thought process of your core customer. By doing this, you will capture the essence of your core customer’s personality and hone in on their habits as both a person and buyer. Helpful Hint – Don’t just focus on your favorite customers, but rather the current ones that belong to you and your competitors.

Your Ideal Client

When identifying your core customer, also think about who you want to “be” in the eyes of your customers- your ideal client. Focus on your highest priority targets and define who is/will be your core customer. When determining your ideal customer, it’s not enough to just define the basics. Get creative!

  • What is their outlook on life?
  • What are they interested in?
  • Their attitudes, values, and opinions?
  • Think about what their family looks like and does on the weekend.

Once you have taken a dive into their personality, pull the information together to create your ideal customer.

Go out there and find them!

Once you have your core customer and ideal customer defined, go out there and get ‘em! Create a marketing plan that will target them as best as possible. Think about the best avenue to reach them both online and offline. As you progress through your marketing strategy, keep looking back at your defined persona, and ask yourself, “What would my core customer want?”

Need Help?

If you aren’t 100% sure where to start when identifying your core customer, feel free to give us a call for some advice at 919-926-8727 or email us at