How to Identify and Take Your Brand to the Next Level

If you were to research a list of buzzwords for the industry, target audience would most certainly make the Top 10 Most Important Words in a marketer’s vocabulary. With over 4.6 billion active internet users globally, understanding your target audience and going after the “right” person for your product is an absolute must!


At Big Red Dog Marketing, we know that defining your target audience and understanding their habits is key to growing your business. We also want to help convert those leads into revenue for your business no matter what buzzworthy terms you know (or don’t know)! So, let’s take a minute to define your target audience and get to know your customers a little better. 


What is a Target Audience?

Your target audience is the group of individuals you hope to reach with your marketing efforts and are the most likely to spend money on your product or service. A target audience is broken down into common characteristics such as 

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Purchasing power
  • Profession
  • Income
  • Marital status
  • Education
  • Socioeconomic status

By identifying these elements, you can craft a marketing strategy tailored to your defined core customer. 


Become “One” with Your Target Audience

The best way to identify your target audience is to activate your inner “zen” and dive deep into your product or service. Become one with your current customer and figure out what motivates them to purchase your product! Defining the following parameters will help on this journey to target audience enlightenment… 

  • Why do they buy from us? 
    • Your current customer base can tell you a lot about the characteristics and interests driving them to your business. 
  • What brings them back? 
    • Repeat customers tell you the most about your product because they are coming back for more! Make a list of those customers and their trends to help increase your client base. 
  • What are they buying? 
    • When looking at your current customer base, analyze what products or services they purchase. Then, figure out the needs for your product and who is most likely to buy it! 
  • What are the commonalities between these individuals?
    • Your customer base will undoubtedly have things in common. Determine how your product fits into their lifestyle and what are the most important features of your service based on these commonalities. 


Reconnaissance Time

Another way to better understand your target audience is to do some reconnaissance on your competitors. 

  • Who are your competitors targeting? 
  • How are they reaching the different groups? 
  • Is there a specific characteristic they are targeting or maybe a psychographic they are targeting (values, interests, lifestyle)? 

Try not to go after the same market as your competitor, but rather define a niche that will set you apart. 


A Plan of Attack

Now that you have determined who and why your product/service is being used, you have essentially defined your target audience. The next step is to decide on a marketing strategy that will communicate a seamless branding message that targets your… well.. target audience. Knowing your target audience will allow you to advertise more effectively and directly reach those that are interested in your business. 


Need Help with Your Message?

Directly reaching your target audience will end up putting more money in your pocket. To do so, you have to decide on your message and how to deliver it through a relevant tone and content. For people to buy your product, the message must resonate with them on a personal level. If you need help better understanding your target audience and defining that branding message, give us a call. 


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