Notre Dame Remembered

What it Can Teach Us About Safety Precautions One Year Later


It has been one year since the structure fire that broke out at the Notre-Dame cathedral, people all over the world watched in awe and sadness as the historic monument burned. In less than 15 hours, the roof was nearly completely destroyed, the spire had gone up in flames, and the upper walls sustained tremendous damage. Historic works of art were lost, and three people were injured.

Fortunately, a massive fundraising campaign was launched over a year ago and close to a billion dollars were donated within the span of a week – in large part by a group of philanthropists. Even with this amount of money, though, it will take a minimum of 20 years to restore this historic monument.

The comparisons from this event are easy to make to one’s own business. Seeing something that has stood for centuries fall apart in a matter of hours calls into question: How truly safe are the things that are most important in my life? In my business?


Would Your Business Survive A Major Marketing Disaster?


Events such as the fire at Notre-Dame de Paris really can and do serve as a warning for those of us on a business level. For instance, take a look at your current company.
Like most of us, your data is likely stored on a server. You probably (hopefully) have a website. There are likely multiple people getting in and out of the system daily. You have business plans, marketing strategies, budget projections and more saved as files. What if, suddenly, your website failed, social media accounts hacked, lead flows disrupted, and or your online presence was eliminated?

That isn’t going to happen to me, you may say. Well, take a look at Marketo’s website failure, caused by someone that didn’t renew the domain.

The chances of people flinging billions of dollars in your direction to fix your business’s issues are… highly doubtful. The amount of time required to put everything back in order? Unknown. It’s a frightening thought, isn’t it? But it is preventable if you audit your business systems to look for flaws.


What You Can Do


The point here is not to cause you anxiety, but rather to encourage you to be prepared and look behind the scenes of your business to see what is happening. We buy car insurance in the event we are involved in an accident. We go to the doctor annually to make sure our health is in good order. So, it only makes sense that you should also put safeguards in place for your business. At Big Red Dog, we recommend an annual marketing audit. It makes sense to seek out a reputable team who knows what to look for and how to best protect your intellectual assets. By working with a qualified marketing audit service such as ours, you can set aside concerns about file corruption, website failures, and potential risks. The burden does not have to be yours. We can and will take care of your business.


How We Can Help


At Big Red Dog Marketing, we examine all aspects of your marketing plan. We closely analyze, review, and evaluate:

  • Your overall Marketing strategy related to existing efforts and results
  • Website performance and UX
  • Marketing Technology Used or Gaps
  • Marketing Content used and gaps
  • Social Media marketing practices vs results and compared to industry
  • Email marketing efforts vs results and compared to industry
  • SEO or Paid Search Advertising

When the audit is complete, our trusted staff at Big Red Dog Marketing will then guide you down the path to adapt your current marketing plan to better meet the needs of your business.


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