How to Create Effective Content


Did you know that quality content creation is just as important as the design and aesthetics of your website? What about the idea that investing in content is one of the most effective ways to grow your audience and increase revenue? At Big Red Dog Marketing, we know that content creation helps to 

  • Drive search engines
  • Establish your business as a trusted leader
  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Attract potential customers to take action
  • Get  leads and makes $$$


What is Content Quality?

Creating content is more than just slapping some words on a screen. When done correctly, content creation has been proven to deliver astounding results. The “quality” of writing can be boiled down to one straightforward concept: How well did your content achieve its goal? 


Content quality goes beyond readability and into attracting the right audience to your site to take action, creating revenue. When writing quality content, there are a few things to consider.  

  • How did the content rank?
  • Did the content drive traffic to the website?
  • Did the content engage the intended audience?
  • Did the content convert users? 


Effective Content Writing

While there is no secret content writing formula, there are several things to consider. 

  1. Write headlines that will spark interest.
  2. You have three seconds (tops) to hook a reader; make sure to capture their attention in the first paragraph. 
  3. Establish credibility through research and always support your claims.
  4. Optimize digital content with short paragraphs, bulleted lists and scannability. 
  5. Use SEO best practices so the content will rank well with search engines. 


Need Help Writing Quality Content

At Big Red Dog Marketing, we understand the value of solid content that aligns with each stage of the buyer’s journey. With clients located across the country, we focus on what your business really needs and understand how to make your company competitive to deliver high-quality results. From Integrated Marketing to writing quality content, we tackle any marketing need to help drive quality traffic to your website, raise conversions that build results and solve those complex problems every business owner faces.


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