The “Don’ts” of Integrated Marketing

Better Understanding what to do

Marketing has changed immensely over the years due to our global economy and the ability to connect with our customers. As our world becomes ever more focused on technology and marketing becomes more personalized, it is essential as a business owner to embrace the idea of Integrated Marketing. From Google to Instagram, the integration of marketing channels has never been more difficult and more essential to create an immersive experience for your targeted audience.

Due to this change in marketing, we define Integrated Marketing as an approach where you provide a consistent and multi-dimensional branding experience for the consumer. A unified experience using different branding techniques (sales promotion, email, social, media, advertising) where the message is consistent and customer-centered. While the tactics vary, the different parts of the marketing strategy work cohesively to send a clear message while also increasing the knowledge of your services and business. Now that we have a simple definition, let’s take a look at some of the“Don’ts” of Integrated Marketing.

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Don’t #1- Don’t deliver conflicting messages

Embracing Integrated Marketing means your business needs to make sure both digital and traditional marketing messages are aligned. Movement between channels has to be seamless and consistent so that you are able to provide a clear message. To do this, define your brand and communicate it across all channels. Ask yourself one thing:

  • Is our message consistently embedded in our marketing plan, and if so, what is that message?

If you can’t answer that question with certainty, you need to reexamine your message and strategy.

Don’t #2- Don’t slack off

Once you have defined your integrated marketing strategy, it is imperative to continually assess what is and is not working throughout the year.

  • Track what techniques are working
  • Use data to improve the experience
  • Increase or decrease specific channels based on the numbers

While an Integrated Marketing plan is holistic, it is crucial to dig deep into your data to understand what needs to change to better target your audience.

Don’t #3- Don’t forget to look to the future

Always look to the future when implementing your Integrated Marketing plan. Make sure to grow your audience and client base by building trust with your brand. Don’t simply focus on the leads and sales, but rather make sure to provide your customers with the experience they are seeking.

Don’t #4- Don’t get overwhelmed

So, what does this all mean to you as a business owner? When you start to understand the process of Integrated Marketing, a pathway to success presents itself. The idea that you can embrace technology, create a unified message, and develop a relevant and reliable user experience. To do this, it is important to focus your attention on these three pieces to create a comprehensive plan.

  • Focus on creating quality content for your audience- content that is seen, read, and meaningful to your targeted/ideal audience.
  • Increase the visibility of your website on search engines like Google (SEO)
  • From social media to mobile compatibility, create a consistent strategy that brings all of the pieces together to market your business and brand.

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