How Leads Affect Your Bottom Line

Most business owners realize that getting people to engage with and buy a product or service isn’t an easy process. While we would like to believe that everyone goes online to find solutions with the intent to purchase, that just isn’t the case. At Big Red Dog Marketing, our experts understand that effective marketing doesn’t live in a silo but embraces multiple avenues to reach an end goal.  


Key Concepts Defined

Effective marketing begins with understanding how money is generated for a business. Essentially, leads = money…an easy equation but a complex process. To better understand this idea, let’s define a few essential marketing concepts.

  • What is a lead? A lead is a person that indicates some sort of interest in your product or service. 
  • What is lead generation? This is the process of attracting potential customers to your business and increasing their interest in your product or service. By nurturing their experience and interaction with your service/product, the end goal is to convert the lead into a customer (aka- $$$). 
  • What is a lead generation strategy? There are specific strategies and tactics that can convert a lead into a customer. These various marketing strategies lead a potential customer interested in your product or service to take some sort of action. 


Turning Leads into $$$

There are different strategies to “warm-up” potential customers to your business and get them to purchase your product or service. Through the distribution and creation of relevant (and valuable) information, you can create effective content to increase your brand’s visibility. For example: 

  1. Define and maintain a consistent brand voice and message
  2. Use keywords to better understand the requirements of your customer
  3. Ensure that your landing pages are easy to navigate and understand with a strong “call to action” 
  4. Use social media to promote your content and generate leads
  5. Create quality content (email, newsletters, blogs, etc.)
  6. Create gated content where customers must complete a lead capture form to gain access to content
  7. Retarget people who have engaged with your brand 
  8. Rank in search engines to generate leads and leverage paid social 


Understand Your Customer 

Increasing traffic to your site and turning leads into paying customers is all about understanding your target audience. Any quality lead generation process will look different depending on the business and customer. Lead-generating strategies are not one-size-fits-all and should be tailored to your customer’s (and business) pain points and user experience.  


Need Help Generating Leads?

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