As an entrepreneur, you might find yourself lying in bed, staring at the ceiling and wondering why you didn’t choose a career that allows for a normal sleep schedule. Fear not, fellow sleep-deprived business owners, because David Ingram’s “15 Bedtime Stories that Keep Entrepreneurs Awake at Night” is here to help. This book might not make you rich or famous overnight, but it will give you a few chuckles and some good insights to ponder. Let’s dive in, shall we?


15 Bedtime Stories

The book is divided into 15 different bedtime stories, each with its own unique message. 

  1. Bedtime Story #1: Don’t Run Out of Cash
  2. Bedtime Story #2: Don’t Ignore Trusted Advisors
  3. Bedtime Story #3: Don’t Lock Your Doors
  4. Bedtime Story #4: Don’t Isolate Yourself
  5. Bedtime Story #5: Don’t Compromise Your Ethics
  6. Bedtime Story #6: Don’t Avoid Confrontation
  7. Bedtime Story #7: Don’t Let Your Company Depend on Just You
  8. Bedtime Story #8: Don’t Cut Corners
  9. Bedtime Story #9: Don’t Try to Do Everything
  10. Bedtime Story #10: Don’t Rely on One Customer
  11. Bedtime Story #11: Don’t be a Scrooge
  12. Bedtime Story #12: Don’t Hire and Fire Haphazardly
  13. Bedtime Story #13: Don’t Ignore Worst-Case Scenarios
  14. Bedtime Story #14: Don’t Mess Around with Rotten Attitudes
  15. Bedtime Story #15: Don’t Tolerate Sloppy and Off-Color Communication. 


These stories aim to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and build successful businesses while also providing practice advice through the author’s personal experiences. Through funny and somewhat traumatic stories, each chapter offers a scenario that will help a business owner navigate obstacles and change. 


Common Themes and Lessons

Despite the book’s variety of stories, a few themes tie them all together. Each story is set up like a nice chat with a business partner over dinner or a coffee, where experiences are shared with simple advice scattered throughout. The down-to-earth themes focus on the importance of mindset – believing in yourself and your vision, even when things get tough. 


The key lessons that entrepreneurs can take away from the book are numerous. Perhaps the most important is that success isn’t a linear path, and that setbacks and failures are inevitable along the way. It’s how we respond to those setbacks that determine our ultimate success. Another important lesson is the value of prioritization and delegation. As entrepreneurs, we often try to do everything ourselves, but the stories in the book emphasize the importance of focusing on what’s truly important and delegating tasks when necessary.


Final Thoughts

“15 Bedtime Stories that Keep Entrepreneurs Awake at Night” is a delightful and insightful book that offers a unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. It uses humor and relatable anecdotes to convey important messages about mindset, self-care, prioritization, delegation, failure and persistence. While it might not solve all the problems that keep entrepreneurs up at night, it certainly offers a fresh and humorous perspective on the journey toward success. So, grab a copy, snuggle up in bed and let these stories inspire you to keep moving forward, one sleepless night at a time.


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