Link Building is the Cornerstone of SEO

Link building is a highly effective marketing strategy that helps to increase a business’s value on Google. Unfortunately, many business owners recognize the importance of backlinks but aren’t sure how they help with SEO and what it means for search engine ranking. 


What is a Backlink? 

Also known as “inbound,” “incoming,” or ”external” links, backlinks are created when one website links to another. These links demonstrate to Google that a site has authority which helps to increase the overall ranking. As a website earns backlinks, search engines infer that the website has valuable content worth ranking well on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). 


Backlinking is Quality and Quantity

Backlinks are the most significant off-site ranking factor and an essential part of SEO. Due to this, the quantity and quality of backlinks will affect your domain authority. 

  • High quantity backlinks show Google that you are an authority to a wide audience. 
  • High-quality backlinks enable you to ride the coattails of other trusted high-authority sites. 


Know Your Backlinks

Boosting SEO starts with understanding your current backlinks. One way to do this is to analyze your website’s backlink profile. Check out SEMRUSH Backlink Checker — this free tool on the SEMRUSH website will look for backlinking opportunities through a limited lens. While free, it will only provide a restricted profile of your backlinks. 


Link Building Strategies

One simple way businesses can start improving SEO is with link building. When Google notices that you have content linked on pages across the internet, your brand builds respect in the world wide web territory. While linking to popular sites won’t automatically provide prime real estate at the top of a search page, it will help build online connections. 


Another strategy is to produce high-quality content. Essentially, high-quality content is what gets shared ➡️ those shares are what build links ➡️ those links help with SEO ➡️ SEO helps generate business. That is about as simple as we can make it. Creating top-notch content is what helps to build authoritative links to your website. 


Get Help from a Marketing Expert

Getting professional help is another viable way to implement a successful link building strategy. Building backlinks boils down to hard work, the right strategy and knowing how to implement those tactics. At Big Red Dog Marketing, we understand the science behind backlinks and how to build a reputable website with a healthy backlink profile. If you want to learn more about the primary ways to earn backlinks, feel free to Contact Us


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